Port Kaliningrad (in English)


port_kaliningrad.jpgArrival Buoy of Baltiysk located 4,8 miles off the breakwater (54.41,4 N 15.45,0 E). A limit of the outer road of the Baltiysk is located in 9 NM from the entrance breakwater. One-hour prior to arrival to Baltiysk roads contact “BALTIYSK TRAFFIC” VHF ch. 16 or 74 for anchorage position and arrival instructions. Depths at the outer roads are 15-20 meters. During waiting entrance on anchorage stand by on VHF channel 16. 

When instructed to enter, leave Arrival Buoy on port side. Pilot ladder to be prepared as per agreement with the Pilot Station. 



Pilotage within the port waters from the outer road of the Baltiysk until quays of the port of Kaliningrad is provided round-the clock and is compulsory for all vessels. Application for pilot service shall be submitted by shipowners via agents to the Maritime Pilot of Kaliningrad 1 day in prior with 4 hours precision. 

Embarkation/disembarkation of pilots is carried out at the outer road of the Baltiysk in 15 cables off the entrance breakwaters. In case of bad weather conditions embarkation/disembarkation of pilots can take place at the seaway canal of Baltiysk, if agreed by master and pilot and permitted by Traffic Service. 



Kaliningrad Sea Canal that connecting outer road with Port of Kaliningrad is 24 NM long. The traffic in the canal is one way with the following schedule: 

Entrance from road to port: fm 03:00 lt to 04:00 lt and fm 15:00 lt to 16:00 lt
Exit fm port to outer road: fm 08:00 lt to 11:00 lt and fm 20:00 lt to 23:00 lt.
Average allowed speed in the canal is abt 8 knots and canal’s passage time is abt 3 hours



The port and canal restrictions are as follows: 

  • Max permissible draft is 8,0 meters (fresh water 1,000 density) but depending on weather condition i.e. wind direction and force and deviation can be fm 7,7 mtrs to 8,4 mtrs
  • Max permissible LOA 170 meters for dry cargo vessels and 140 meters for tankers. Max permissible beam 25 meters. Entry of vessels with LOA and/or beam exceeding above figures is subject to special permission by Harbour Master. Vessel with LOA more than 135 mtrs can be navigated to/from port daylight only. 



The port is accessible around a year, no ice-breakers assistance is needed in winter. However in case if unusually low temperatures takes place during long period some ice appears in the canal and port. If convoy contents only smaller vessels Port Authority has to employ ice-tugboat for clearing fairway. Surcharges for such tugboat are charged by Port Authority proportionally fm vessels in convoy. 



Actually three different independently operated ports such as : State Fish Port, Commercial Port and River Port


1. State Fish Port 


State Fish port handles various types general, bulk and liquid cargoes and has: 

  • berth length – 3,1 km 
  • berth depth – 8,2 meters 
  • general cargo berth wide – 19 meters 
  • liquid terminal – 3 complexes, 32000 tons 
  • bulk terminal – 3 complexes 
  • 2 coldstore – 20000 tons 
  • container complex – 2 Ro-Ro berth 
  • 2 railway on all berths 
  • shore cranes from 5 to 32 tons – 34 
  • diesel- and electro- forklifts – 190 
  • container sites – 10000 m2 
  • open sites – 80000 m2 
  • storehouses – 60000 m2 
  • scrab sites – 5000 m2 
  • oil terminal – 2 berths 
  • 5 harbour tugs 
  • 2 tugmaster equipped for handling of mafi-trailer 

Declared loading/discharging speed per day: 

  • Frozen products – upto 1000 tons
  • Packed fertilizers – upto 2000 tons
  • Bulk fertilizers – upto 2000 tons
  • Liquid fertilizers – 8000 tons
  • Crude oil, oil products – 8000 tons

2. Commercial Port 


Commercial Port also handles various types of cargoes and has: 

  • berth length – 3017 meters 
  • 44000 m2 shed space and 21000 m2 open storage 
  • shore cranes from 5 to 55 tons capacity - 55 
  • forklifts – 110 
  • tugmaster for handling of mafi-trailer - 4 
  • Ro-Ro forklifts - 3 

Declared loading/discharging speed per day: 

  • General cargoes – upto 2500 tons 
  • Grain – upto 3000 tons 
  • Coal – upto 4000 tons 
  • Bulk fertilizer – upto 5000 tons 

3. River Port 

River Port handles mainly coal cargo. River Port has one 200-meters berth with 6 units shore cranes and open storage for 35000 tons of coal at a time. 



Port of Svetlyy is situated in the middle of Kaliningrad Sea Channel/abt 11 miles fm outer road. Port handles coal, fuel oil and frozen products. There is small shiprepair yard. Draft restriction in port of Svetlyy is 4,5-5,5 meters



Kaliningrad airport is located in 22 km from port. Passenger service available: 

1.     To/from Moscow : 4-5 flights per day 

2.     To/from Sankt-Petersburg : 2-3 flight per day 

3.     To/from Warsaw by LOT: 3 flights per week 

Railway Station is located in 3 km from port. Passenger service available: 

1.     To/from Moscow : twice per day 

2.     To/from Sankt-Petersburg : three times per week 

Bus communication with Germany, Poland and Baltic countries are also available. 



Immigration and custom’s offices are located on territory of Commercial and Fish port. Due to strict Russian Custom’s regulations please contact us prior to crew change, shipment of any spares e.t.c. 



All above facilities are available upon request and free of charge / included into Sanitary Dues. 



Following documents to be prepared by master on arrival: 

1.     Crew list – 7 copies. 

2.     Crew effect declaration – 2 copies. 

3.     Crew money list / including ships’ cash – 2 copies. 

4.     Ship store declaration / including bunker onboard – copies. 

5.     Maritime Health declaration – 1 copy. 

6.     Passenger list / if any – 4 copies. 

7.     Personal effect declaration / for offsigning crew only. 



There are many hospitals and dentists clinic at Kaliningrad. Contact us in order to arrange needed treatment or medicine. 



Any kind of provisions of local and european origin are available at lowest competitive price. Fresh water and bunker available ex barge. Important: to avoid complication with Customs please makes sure that your supplier does full custom clearance of delivered provisions and stores. 

Contact our shipchandler dept. for price list and order. Prices include full custom clearance. 



All kinds of repairs are available. There are several shipyards equipped with floating docks upto 10000 tonscapacity. Contact us in order to arrange needed repair works, dry dock, underwater survey, Registry inspection e.t.c.